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Learning in a group setting is a wonderful experience. Not only do students receive my instruction and guidance, but they also get the opportunity to learn from everyone in the class. I often find that when I participate in a class as a student I learn just as much from the questions other students ask and their approach as I do from the instructor! It is my goal to create a life-giving, relaxed, and yet focused and professional setting for each of my classes. There will be group activities, time to explore on your own, and one-on-one interaction with me during each session. Whether you are interested in an immersive experience out in nature or want to focus on developing your skills in studio, there are classes and courses that I hope will fit your needs.

Workshops, Classes, and Courses

Immersive Experiences

Spending time in nature is something that I believe is important for every wildlife and botanical artist. In this kind of workshop, you will learn how to slow down, observe your subject matter, and gather the information you will need to create a finished piece of art in studio. Students will be provided with a list of materials and "outdoor gear" that is required or recommended. Often there is some gentle hiking involved, but there are also opportunities for immersive workshops that are perfect for those who don't want to or cannot hike and climb.

One-Time Classes

I offer one-time classes that typically last 1-3 hours and cover the foundational techniques in both drawing and watercolor painting. Students are provided with a list of materials they will need as we explore the needed skill sets to create realistic and lively works of art. This option is perfect if you are looking for a quick refresher on skills you have already developed, are interested to learn a bit more about something you've tried before (or discover a new approach), or you want to just dip your toe in the water to see if the technique is right for you. Feedback and a critique are included.

Full Courses

Sometimes one class isn't enough to provide you with the skills and confidence you need to step into your studio and make the kind of art you long to make. Courses will cover a broad range of subjects under the categories of drawing, watercolor painting, and field observation. There is also an opportunity to take a long-term course that covers all three! Full courses are perfect for someone who wants to dive deep into a specific technique or wants to gain a more well-rounded skill set and approach to their drawing and painting. Feedback and at least two critiques are included.

First Steps
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