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From immersive experiences in nature where students learn how to closely observe plants and wildlife, create field sketches that capture the personality of what they are seeing, while also creating color swatches that they can bring back to the studio with them to realistically depict what they saw to in-studio classes exploring the foundational elements of drawing and watercolor painting, Alaina offers workshops, one-time classes, and full courses that will help students develop their skills and deepen their connection to the flora and fauna they want to portray. Every workshop, class, and course are designed to be engaging, focused, relaxed, and in-depth.  

Whether you feel a group setting isn't right for you or if there are specific things that you want to learn or take a deeper dive into, personal tutoring offers you a one-on-one experience with Alaina where she can tailor a single class or a full course specifically to meet your needs.

Senior Artist

The Full Story


As a teacher, I focus on helping students to think like an artist, rather than forcing students to copy my specific approach. In technique driven classes (like classes devoted to drawing skills or watercolor painting) I help students to feel comfortable with the materials and the foundational skills needed to create a finished piece of art, but also aid and encourage them to explore and find what fits their vision and talents. But for me, when learning to be a wildlife or botanical artist, the most important aspect of the creation process is connection to the subject matter. I specialize in immersive experiences where students actually see, hear, smell, and touch (when appropriate) the plant or animal they are wishing to depict in a piece of art. I believe learning to see its fine details and capture its personality are essential for creating not only good but realistic and memorable art. In the immersive experiences I offer, I always include lessons in observation, creating quick sketches in the field, taking specific kinds of photographs that will help students when they are back in the studio, as well as how to create color swatches of the key colors that many times are only accurately seen when there in person. I also teach students how to work solely from photographs when seeing a plant or animal in person is simply not possible. My goal is for my students to form a connection with what they are depicting so that even from a distance they can use their senses to create a realistic depiction. Each workshop will include instruction, exploration, and discussion to help students feel at ease, enjoy themselves, and develop an in-depth understanding of what they are learning.

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