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Creating realistic illustrations and paintings of a variety of animals (birds being a favorite) is something Alaina is passionate about. “I’ve always felt a deep connection with the animal kingdom. I don’t just see them — I feel their presence in a way that is beyond description. I see and feel them in my heart and mind as I draw and paint. I work to reveal the beauty, majesty, and personality of each animal I depict in my art.” Alaina wants the viewer to feel a connection with the wildlife she captures and for their experience to be like a frozen moment in time with a very real, very much alive member of the animal kingdom.


From the sumptuous colors and textures of flowers and leaves to the grand and deep textures of roots and trees, Alaina works to reveal the intimate details of every botanical she depicts in her art. Alaina blends high detail with what is often a delicate beauty to allow the viewer to truly experience nature with all of their senses when they look at her art. “I want people to feel like they are there with me in the forest or the garden. I want them to be transported to either a place in their memory or to a landscape they can imagine but have not been to in person yet. It’s that feeling of time apart from time that I try to develop in everything I create.”


The Full Story


I've always been creative. From a young age I spent most of my free time drawing, painting, and writing. It's not something I thought about or planned, it is simply what flows from me naturally. After spending sixteen years as a jeweler, I found myself spending every moment I could at my drawing board. It's funny how those elemental things we know about ourselves can get pushed to the side if we don't pay attention. I loved exploring color, texture, and design as a jeweler and I'm sure that much of what I've learned about composition and the blending of colors both flowed from my love for drawing and painting and now is flowing back into that first love of mine with more depth and understanding than before. My favorite things to depict in my art are wildlife and botanicals - in particular birds, leaves, branches, and flowers. But of course as soon as I say that I want to start adding to that list with things like trees, berries, roots, insects of all kinds, deer and antelope, elephants, lions, and even a chipmunk or two. To put it simply, I love nature and I want to portray the beauty and majesty of the natural world in everything I create. I hope you can feel a close and intimate connection with the flora and fauna that I depict. I want to transport the viewer to the very spot where the animal or plant was found, the very moment it was discovered. Every animal and plant has a personality and it is my intention to not only capture the details of how they look, but also reveal their hidden qualities as well - their very essence. I want to engage your senses in such a way that you can not only see but also feel and even smell and hear the part of the natural world you encounter in my art.

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