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Alaina began writing poetry in high school and quickly found an audience for her deeply personal, uplifting, hope-filled poems that center on the beauty of life and the wonders of creation. “My poems chronicle my journey of growth in life in a way that I hope the reader can relate to.” Her poetry portrays the quiet moments of beauty that can so easily be missed if we don't slow down, take a breath, and see the world around us with a sense of awe and gratitude.


At a young age, Alaina fell in love with stories. When at the age of 5 she fully understood that there were real people who wrote the books that she so enjoyed, she immediately began to write her own. After spending nine years as a New York Times bestselling ghostwriter, Alaina has returned to her roots as a storyteller. “It feels good to get back to my roots. I’ve always loved fiction and I am so grateful to be back in the saddle as a storyteller. Expect adventure, romance, and perhaps a bit of magic in each of my tales!”


The Full Story


I've always dreamed of being a professional writer. I may not have always put it in those words, but I knew that I wanted to be able to spend my life writing stories. In my teenage years I discovered poetry and to this day am still captivated by the precision that is needed in order to truly capture a feeling, a moment, or even a simple thought in a few carefully crafted words. I enjoy the expansiveness of writing a novel just as much as I love the confined and structured nature of the kind of poetry I write. Perhaps some day I will combine the two to write my own epic poetry, like what is found in such classics as "The Iliad" and "The Odyssey" or "Paradise Lost." It's daunting to even imagine it! But now that I have not only thought it but jotted it down here, maybe a little seed will begin to germinate in my soul and an epic poem will emerge. I found that this is how things often come together for me in my writing. I receive an idea (even if it is only a little glimpse of what could be), I let develop on its own in my heart for a while, and when the time is right, words begin to flow and the story or poem reveals itself to me as I write. I know many writers have that experience of feeling like they are an observer or part of the audience itself as they write. I am certainly one of them. There is something magical about the writing experience that cannot fully be explained. It does feel like at least part of the ideas come from outside myself. I am a happy recipient that gets to explore and discover as I write. At the same time, I can see deeply held beliefs, hopes, and past experiences in my own life get woven into the stories that I write. This blend of giving and receiving in the writing process itself is something that I cherish and I hope the reader enjoys. There is a quote by Andrew Lloyd Weber that says that an artist's job is to "bring cosmos out of chaos." I believe that with all my heart. I hope that in each of my stories and poems, the reader can sense light in the darkness, hope in times of despair, and peace in the midst of turmoil and tumult. You will never find me simply reflecting back the darkness that is in our midst. Instead, my intention is always to bring peace, courage, and a sense of beauty and wonder to the reader. I hope that is evident in everything that I create.

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